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Technavio is a leading market research company with global coverage.

Technavio is based on four simple principles: easy-to-access reports, robust industry coverage, a focus on new and emerging technologies, and competitive pricing. We believe in helping companies and executives become better equipped to make faster, sounder, and more effective decisions.

Technavio published its first customized report in 2003 and its first ready-made report in 2008. It was the beginning of an unprecedented journey of expansion and growth.

Technavio initial focus was on niche emerging technologies, becoming one of the first-to-market for market analysis and insights on a comprehensive range of subjects.

Opening offices in Toronto, Chicago, London, Bangalore and Beijing, we rapidly expanded and built strategic relationships with our clients worldwide.

Technavio continual efforts to deliver better value to our clients led to the creation of Technavio Insights: a subscription service providing easy, affordable access to Technavio’s extensive library of research reports and expertise.

14 years later, we have published more than 10,000 reports on over 100 major technology markets. We serve more than 1,000 companies globally, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies.

Technavio covers an unparalleled range of industries, and offers in-depth assessments on thousands of emerging and niche segments around the world. We employ a dedicated team of industry analysts, and maintain an exhaustive internal database of industry information. With well over 500 analysts around the world, we are able to draw on specialized knowledge of over 100 technologies.

Technavio focus is on emerging markets and technologies, providing insights not available anywhere else. We report on the latest innovations and trends in all the industries we cover. We also create value for our clients by offering a blend of off-the-shelf research reports and customized research, allowing you to get the information you need, when you need it.

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