Commercial Aviation Aircraft Cabin Lighting Market, Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 – 2017)

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With the increase in global air travel, growth in Passengers’ investment appetite and to fight against the rising fuel prices, airlines are continuously improving and improvising to enhance their aircraft efficiency, luxury and comfort to the air travelers. Aircraft interior lighting is one of the key focus areas in this regards.

Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) comprises of 63% in the global fleet size. LCCs uses single aisle Narrow Body Aircrafts, majority of the LCC Narrow Body configurations consists of the normal reading lights attached to the cabin roof. However new generation aircrafts like Boeing’s 787, Airbus A380 includes creative aircraft lighting system – the Mood Lighting. Aircrafts are moving towards smarter LED lighting systems for benefits like increased efficiency, better control, less low power consumption, longer lifespan. Commercial aircraft cabin lights are of different types depending on their functionality viz. Ceiling and Wall lights, Reading Lights, Wall lights, Lavatory lights, Signage lights and Floor-path Lighting Strips.

This report, segments the global market for commercial aircraft by Aircraft type, Light type and Geographies. Detailed analysis and forecast for the period from 2012 to 2017, for the global market and each market segments are provided in the report. The various market dynamics that will be shaping the growth of the aircraft lighting industry are also explained here.


The global commercial aviation aircraft lighting market size is expected to grow to $1.25 Billion by 2017.
Narrow Body Aircrafts Market has the highest business potential throughout the study period.
Reading lights will be the maximum revenue generator among the different types of aircraft cabin lights.
Need for fuel efficiency, will be one of the major market drivers.
“The current trend is certainly more LED lighting in the cockpits and cabins.” – Mr. Terry Trumbull, VP, Electro-Mech Components, Inc.
Diehl Aerosystems is the leader in the aircraft lighting market with over 36% of the market share.

On the basis of Aircraft Types

Very Large Aircrafts market
Wide Body Aircrafts market
Narrow Body Aircrafts market
Regional Transportation Aircrafts market
On the basis of Product Type

Ceiling Wall Lights market
Reading Lights market
Lavatory Lights market
Signage Lights Market
Floor-path Lighting Strips Market
On the basis of Geographies

Global market
United States

Aircraft Integrators
Aircraft Lighting System Manufacturers
Sub-Components (Switch, LED) Manufacturers
Aircraft Refurbishers

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